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Critical Race... theory or theatrics?

It is no secret that schools, whether it be teachers, counselors or peers shape, the way our children interact on a day-to-day basis. During the Covid shutdowns, it was quite clear, that parents probably appreciate the school and their function more when they had to take on the role as teacher, peer, and parent. We have a lot to say about our children and what we “think” is best for them. We want to make sure they become better people, successful and hard working. This is the very reason I believe we have missed the mark when it comes to even thinking about implementing Critical Race Theory or the equivalent in our public schools. The fundamental intrinsic idea that our institutions are inherently bad because of their founders, leads many to believe their opinions have no place in the classroom in the first place.

Basic tenants of Critical Race Theory are proving very controversial, and definitions are few and far between. In my quest to understand Critical Race Theory and not to judge an issue before I’ve formed a well-rounded opinion, I have found a running theme throughout my research. Critical race theory…

· Has not been tested valuable, purposeful or solution based.

· Believes racism is present in every aspect of life, every relationship, and every interaction and therefore has its advocates look for it everywhere

· Relies upon “interest convergence” (white people only give black people opportunities and freedoms when it is also in their own interests) and therefore does not trust any attempt to make racism better

· Only treats race issues as “socially constructed groups,” so there are no individuals in Critical Race Theory.

· Acts like anyone who disagrees with it just do so for racist and white supremacist reasons, even if those people are black.

· Cannot be satisfied, so it becomes a kind of activist black hole that threatens to destroy everything it is introduced into.

We have spent years pushing for equality after the civil rights movement… a basic human right afforded under the constitution… and now because of a social movement and a lot of destruction, equity-based programs and systems are being set up as a response to a “systemic” issue that does and never will have a clear solution. Not because the solution is impossible, it is because systemic racism has morphed into a way of indicting our society without having to prove their point. Laura Meyerovich said it beautifully, “It is bad psychology to tell people who do not believe that they are racist—who may even actively despise racism—that there is nothing they can do to stop themselves from being racist—and then ask them to help you. It is even less helpful to tell them that even their own good intentions are proof of their latent racism. Worst of all is to set up double-binds, like telling them that if they notice race, it is because they are racist, but if they do not notice race, it’s because their privilege affords them the luxury of not noticing race, which is racist” The argument becomes a cyclical black hole with a never-ending guilt that continues to chase the supposed oppressor around branding them at every turn. It is exhausting and imagine the direct impact this will have on children? The cyclical victim mentality and the shameful oppressors give no one hope because they are taught to be biological. How more to oppress a child then to tell them they have a problem they cannot solve because of something they cannot change… judge them based on that fact then ask them to critically evaluate their daily lives to pinpoint their micro aggressive behavior and accept blame. There will be hundreds of children… especially here in America (a low context guilt ridden culture) to seek outside influences because they are not ruled by their guilt-ridden nature but by a fear-based system. Instill guilt in the lives of young children, using fearful tactics without a way out is a recipe for a mental state that will cripple by the thousands!

Our children are more than their biology. They are more than the obstacles that get in their way. Our goals as parents are to allow them to know and believe that they are a success because of their hard work and character. CRT, in any form, should not be a part of 21 century ideology because it is based in 1960 oppression. Furthermore, any strive to be anti-racist, will be looked at unfavorably. CRT rooted in the “interest convergence” theory ascribes any act towards a solution as not being done for the right reasons and therefore selfish and racist and only to protect themselves from criticism. This makes it literally impossible for anyone with any racial privilege (as outlined by CRT) to do anything right because anything they do right must also have been done in self-interest, making them wrong. By giving people no way out, Critical Race Theory becomes deeply manipulative and unable to be satisfied in its infinite list of demands.

Being an Italian American (first generation) does not give me an opinion or voice against this theory even if my immediate parents migrated to this country and broke through the stereotypes CRT deems “unprivileged.” Whites are more so stifled and generally deemed wrong when engaging with anyone pro-crt. Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote that even Kanye West is no longer really black because he wore a MAGA hat and said he thinks for himself. There are two types of black people. Nikole Hannah Jones tweeted, then deleted, that there is “racially black on the one hand, and “politically Black” on the other. CRT is only interested in the identity politics of being “politically black,” and anyone who disagrees with CRT, even if they are “racially black” does not qualify.

Critical Race Theory poses a personal, guilt-ridden, shameful problem in our lives without the hope of ever finding a solution. CRT cannot be disagreed with, it rejects all alternatives, it even rejects science making it impossible to be proven false by any evidence. Because it also assumes racism is present and relevant to all situations and interactions, even the acceptance of CRT must somehow also contain racism. This is a grim description of CRT but I surmise that even equality is a source of racism to the crt advocate. People who benefit from racism in any way have no incentive to be against racism. Critical Race Theorists believe that racism was arranged by white people so that no one else can have a real chance in society. They double down with stating that races cannot truly understand one another, and their premise is made clear with no real solution in site therefore giving a social revolution a hand as the only viable solution. Critical race theory preys on the best part of our intrinsic natures to achieve its goals… and recently the push into k-12 academia only proves that their tactics are working. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can teach the puppies. God help our kids… and the parents who will fight with every ounce of their being to reject the implementation into their schools and ultimately homes and tragically hearts and minds of our children.

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