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FDA Stamp of approval….

Watching a series on Hulu I’m compelled to remind people….

1997-2007 fda approved oxy-contin had an actual label that stated it was less addictive then regular opioid medications. Why did they do such a thing!? Money! Here we are not even 15 years later and somehow we have forgotten the millions of overdosed patients, an actual pandemic of opioid addiction, and military personnel getting fed these pills like candy for a hangnail because the government standard was backed by the fda.

Here we go with another round of hinging in the fda for approval of a miracle cure (that’s what they called Oxy in the late 90s). Ready to roll up our kids sleeves and let government dictate what happens to their future? Ya no thanks! Not this time. What’s different? They used pain as a 5th sense and pushed that narrative into every hospital and doctors office in America! “How would you rate your pain level on a scale of 1-10”. They left it up to the the patient and their obligation to be a good upstanding citizen to override their intrinsic need to feel good. Millions of addicts sprang out of this movement. You may know a few… you may have lost a few…. You may be among the few.

Contrast this with our current pandemic, our obligation to be healthy to help our kids stay healthy, etc etc. We had First Ladies pushing the health narrative with entire programs and free lunches. Health is number one! Now that health is being threatened. Who cares by who. Who cares by what. Who cares how long it affects us…. FDA to the rescue stamping their seal of approval on mRNA gene therapy (aka vaccine, aka miracle cure) and because Americans are a little smarter, we better mandate this miracle vaccine contingent upon FDA approval, despite the years and years and millions of studies it actually takes to declare a vaccine safe and effective.

How quickly we forget that 841,000 people died of oxy overdoses between 1999-2020. That’s not including the hundreds of thousands who cross addicted themselves with other opioids including heroin the cheaper way to keep up addiction and easier to obtain after the crack down hit! I’m sure you know at least one.

The FDA stamp of approval means absolutely nothing to those that remember what happened during the oxy push. Some of us came out stronger people some of us came out weaker but those that were affected were lucky to come out of it at all. When I see that cdc fake Brady bunch looking panel, I cringe at their inciting of the fda as a voice of reason at all!

What’s the end game? Idk. Conspiracy theorists claim to know, millions of extremist claim to know, even the middle of the road average American claims they know. Whatever it is… the end result of the oxy pandemic was dead Americans. The difference is we didn’t put it on the news on a ticker headline and apply the race narrative to it. My my we have gotten clever haven’t we!?

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