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No Reasoning with Cancel Culture

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Cancel Culture has been debated and discussed ad nauseam. Whether it exists or it doesn’t. Which political party is more likely to engage in cancellation. Or, the fact that it’s always been around. The simple fact is, that while the most public cases of “cancellation” or “being held accountable” focus on major figures, it is happening to average Americans all over the country. It is being used as a retribution tool and it has got to stop!

Dredging up old social media posts, disclosing controversial political affiliations, or even spreading rumors can result in the same devastation as it used to on the playground, only now with real-world complications. These can include losing a job, a college opportunity or poisoning professional relationships.

It is a nasty, toxic form of bullying. A way to separate the in-group from the out, only in the adult world it is along moral lines. It is a way to say, “they are bad and must be cast out” and, simultaneously, “I am better than them.”

Cancel culture has not only plagued individuals but it is being displayed all over America. Our summer was filled with protests and riots, threatening our cities whose leaders were determined to cancel the obstacles we have overcome in the last 50 years. Statues were being ripped from their podiums, Abraham Lincoln was graffitied and our history was being cancelled right before our eyes. We watched while left wing extremists, BLM and Antifa burned, looted, and terrorized citizens. Social media was flooded with threats of violence towards patriotic Americans. Entire city blocks in some Democratic run states were taken hostage by BLM and Antifa activists threatening state government and making demands that were impossible to meet. Liberal Governors cowered to these extremists, in some instances giving them entire houses to occupy without payment and under threat of foreclosure.

Civil defense groups are often the direct target of such bullies. These bullies paint a picture of violent and racist thinking and project that onto these groups. Those who fought back on social media were not only a target of this devastating culture, but their friends, family, and even their employers were pulled into the drama which was often too insidious to explain. Jobs lost, scholarships stripped and social accounts deleted. The extremists are winning and little by little our right to the pursuit of happiness is being taken by those too lazy to attain it themselves. What better way to perpetuate the victim mentality than to keep one’s destiny out of their control? Thousands of Americans who worked for their status can now attribute the loss to hundreds of BLM and Antifa activists who can type fast and know how to use a google search.

The Union Tribune, a once nationally acclaimed paper, has caved to the cancel culture philosophy. Not only does it pander to the extremist, their editors and journalist have taken up the idea that if they are louder it must be true. They publish articles, singling out individuals, putting a target on their back and leading the public to believe they deserve what they get. When those being doxed take legal action, reporters are known to private message the accuser and harass them until they make statements. Andrew Dyer of the Union Tribune has done this on many occasions, leaving the actual victim feeling insignificant and unheard. But hey, he has a good story.

Public opinion is long gone and the cancel culture philosophy prevails even today. Entire social media platforms are being deleted from their host sites for holding political beliefs not popular with the rioters of the summer. Book deals of Congressmen are being stripped and political leaders are threatened with impeachment. The Speaker of the House was even seen symbolically cancelling the POTUS’ State of the Union Address by ripping up the written speech right behind him.

Is there a way back from this treacherous new trend? Being the victim of cancel culture myself, I can only hope that the extremist can put their hateful ideologies aside and grow up. Between the events at the inauguration, the complete hypocrisy of left winged politicians and the main stream media, it seems for now at least that there is no reasoning with cancel culture. One moment you are there and the next you are gone. This is the new “behind the bleachers” moment. Except instead of emerging with a bruised eye and ego, you come out jobless and extremely angry that the system these extremist are fighting and violently protesting against is being used by them to further a movement that will kill any chances to mend a very broken America.

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